“Be the change you want to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi

It is estimated that there are 35 million children in India who are in need of care and protection.
It is a large number.but at Divi,we believe that the way to solve this problem is to build a community around these children. A community of those who care and want to contribute in whichever way then can to help build long-term solution to this problem.

Who We Are

Divi welfare society is a Non-Profit & Non-governmental organisation towards the uplift ment of poor children in India .

Divi addresses children’s, women, men basic needs by working with students, professors, Rich, communities, district and state-level Politicians as well as the children themselves. 


A Pen in Every hand will make the world better Place.


Our Mission is to empower people to create a path whereby they can walk out of poverty and become part of society in a better way.with  a commitment to provide better education .

What We Do

Apni Pathsala

Apni Pathsala is a national-level program of Divi Welfare Society.

it’s an open-air school run at karsada Mushar Basti tucked away from the main road in the bustling Varanasi in the city. This Modest center is run by Beera Bhadra Singh and his dedicated Team & volunteers who reach out to children from marginalized communities in an attempt to bridge the education inequality.

Apni pathshala is a child-friendly school where all children are free from exploitation and receives a free quality education.


Divi Education Awareness Program 

DEAP is the dream project of Divi Welfare Society, whose main objective is to provide education to those students who are forced to leave their studies after 12th due to financial constraints or students who after 12th from Banaras Hindu or any other university in social science.  Want to prepare for civil exam or government exam after studying graduation, but due to lack of money and proper guidance, they are deprived of studying in an institution like BHU.

Impact Stories

At times we also feel that our neighbors are responsible for such situations as they tell our parents why do you educate your daughters,you have to give dowry at the time of marriage and there is no use in sending them to school.

Student of Apni Pathsala

Our mothers and grandmothers normally say “you are not different from us . we were also not studying Don’t waste time & money in buying all this useless stuff(bags, dresses, books)save some money for your marriage but Divi welfare society addresses the importance of education to my family and they provide basic education to me thanks divi team.

Our Team

Jagdish Rai Divi Welfare Society President


Rituraj Giri

Rituraj Giri

Divi Welfare Society Vice-president Narendra20Rustagi20Ph.D.

prof,narendra RUSTAGI


Beera Bhadra Singh

Dhirendra Giri Vice-President Divi welfare society

Dhirendra Giri

Details about team member
Rashmi Singh

Rashmi Singh

Bhartee Shrivastav

Bhartee Shrivastav

Somnath Rai

Somnath Rai


our mentor

facebook_1634146927810_6854108995901225665 (1)

pradeep kumar mishra

VC Abdul kalam technical University

prof.G.N Tiwari

Author & Former Prof. IIT Delhi
Gilles Bigers

giles bigers


Bhagwati Prakash Sharma

Group President Pacific Group of University & Former VC Gautama Buddha University

what people say

                                Volunteer speak

Working with DIVI has been a very revealing and enriching experience. I realized that there are many small thing that can be done to contribute to child rights.Yes, What is needed is a bit of sensitivity and willingness to do something worthwhile.

        -Rudra (Student Law)

                                Volunteer speak

Why I Joined the Divi welfare Society because the work it does for the development of rural areas is Praiseworthy.

        -Anuradha Gupta  (Student of M.E.D)

                              Volunteer Speak

Changing the lives of children is a continuous process.Nothing can be done is a limited period. As individuals we have to contribute to give support by way of financial help.time as well as other resources. I believe the continuity and devotion without without deviation DIVI is doing just that.

        -Rashmi singh(student MBA)


 Divi Welfere Society (Varanasi, India),International Educators Group (Washington DC, USA), and Stem Institute (Varanasi, India) are jointly organizing in hybrid mode (physical/virtual) the International Conference on Science, Society and Economic Development from March 2 to 4, 2023 in Varanasi, India.