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Hii it's me Founder of Divi welfare Society Today I tell behind the story open of this organization. I think it Started somewhere when I was a very small child and it began with my family condition. My family condition has been a big influence on me and some incidents of my life which stayed with me all along and I think a lot of what I am today is result of my Family. and the second incident who's had been a big influence with me is when I was in Varanasi I Saw women who due to malnutrition was died in front of my eyes and her two children who also suffer from malnutrition and they are orphan now that incident shocked from inside and every night that incident disturb me one night I decided to work for others. who is less privileged people when I saw that people so every time I had to feel really guilty and that day I decide to live for others. every morning when I wake up I read the newspaper read about poverty, child labor, child education problem so I want to really do something about this. and I think most of us feel that but we don't know what to do and I felt that for numbers of years and then I realized that I should do what I know best. and which is how to make a good society and provide child education, health, etc. and I use the strength of this I think a lot of all resulted to Open DIVI WELFARE SOCIETY and I am very thankful to those people who love my work and today I am so happy what I wish to do it happen. I always wash felt that there are two ways of bringing about change one is top-down and the other way is ground level. when you chose top-down you have their own goodwill or power make laws and tell people to follow them and make policies and you expect people follow it .and another way grounded level it's so top and I have chosen it because I have no goodwill and no power to make a change in the second way it is a longer route but I think that Is what we have to chosen to do and that is to reach out to people's hearts, bless, hope with love try and transform mind of young people. With my team i inaagurate Apani Pathsala to create hope in poor children . Thank you very much for your contribution I can't mention each and ever people who with us . your Donation are our organisation hope.
Beer Bhadra Singh
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