Our vision

“A pen in every hand and a bowl full of nutrients will make the world a better place to live”

our mission

Our mission is to empower people to create a path whereby they can walk out of poverty and become part of society in a better way.


Beera Bhadra singh is an Indian social entrepreneur who founded the Divi welfare society which is a  non governmentalorganisation.

Divi works for children and women who belongs from underprivileged section of society. Growing up in absence, Beera started Divi with 5 of his friends in 2018. Beera always had a dream that he wanted to help other poor children just as he had been helped in studies. During the civil examination, Bir discussed with his friends. In the beginning, five friends Vineet, Dhirendra, Shubham, Rashmi and Rituraj collected some funds and got the organization registered, from this the convoy started, as Divi’s caravan progressed.

During a program in 2020, Beera met Prof. Jagdish Rai Sir, former professor and vice-chancellor of IIT, since then the work is being done under the guidance of Rai Sir. doing tasks together.

Beera kept education at the very beginning of the institution, a great man has said that without education a man is like an animal. You can fill someone’s stomach by giving food at a time, but you are not always available for him, he will always feel hungry but you make him worthy that he can eat food with his own earning., It is only because of education. can be achieved. 

 Beera  started surveying the slums of Varanasi along with the team, during the survey, many things were absolutely shocking, such as parents themselves did not want their child to study or go to school, on talking they told what to do What to do after sending school Came, his parents agreed to study for 1 hour in the evening, he started his school, later after similar survey, his school was started in many places in Varanasi, today many centers including Karsada, Karaundhi, Jalhupur are successful. are pre-operated Beera believes that Divi is not only an organisation, it is a dream which thousands of families are living today and thousands of dreams will show a new path to lakhs.

 4 Years of commitment and still counting for ensuring happier childhoods –

Divi was born of a dream to alteration and betterment in society and ensure happier childhoods for all children.

In 2017, Beera Bhadra Singh – an IAS Aspirant – started Divi with 4 friends just having one coaching center. Today, over 4 Years later, Divi works on the field with many local NGOs across many  states in India and has impacted the lives of many underprivileged children.


Prof.Jagdish Rai


Mr.Rituraj Giri

Excecutive President 

Prof.Narendra Rustagi


mr.Beera Bhadra Singh

Founder & Secretary 

MRS.Rashmi Singh


MRS.Bhartee Srivastava


mr.Somnath Rai