Apni Pathsala is a national-level program of Divi Welfare Society. Divi is a Non-Profit & Non-governmental organization towards the upliftment of poor children in India. Divi addresses children’s, women’s, men’s basic needs by working with students, professors, Rich, communities, district and state-level Politicians as well as the children themselves. The organization focuses on changing critical situation & condition and practices at the grassroots level and influencing the public & Government at a systemic level, thus creating an environment where Men  Women and children live with his/her own dignity.

Apni Pathsala it’s an open-air school run at karsada Mushar Basti tucked away from the main road in the bustling Varanasi in the city. This Modest centre is run by Beera Bhadra Singh and his dedicated Team & volunteers who reach out to children from marginalised communities in an attempt to bridge the education inequality.

Apni pathsala is a child-friendly school where all children are free from exploitation and receives a free quality education.

Divi founder address Apni Pathsala
Inaguration of Apni Pathsala

What are the prime objectives of Apni pathsala

The effort to bring slum children into the education fold. Apni pathshala make learning fun & give education opportunities also aware education importance in our daily life to those children who belong to marginalized communities.To work on the scale to improve the basic education,skills of children raise awareness about the importance of children’s learning outcomes among all stakeholders in education and providing vocational and skills training to create employment opportunities for youth from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds. our aim is that one day, all children in India will receive an excellent education.

our main objective to provide children from economically weak households high-quality education to enable them to rise into the middle class and become global citizens.

Inspiring Children

Sunny a Class 3 student from the karsada Mushar Basti he loves to attend the daily 4 p.m. -6 p.m. class at this centre as he gets to learn things here the fun way.says the best part is that the teachers egg them on to aim high and dream big.” I am able to think of life beyond this tiny Basti where I live” he says.I have been studying for the last two years. I want to read more I want to become a doctor. thanks to the Apni Pathsala initiative of Divi Welfare Society


Apni pathsala Student

Rajesh ,a resident of this Basti , is delighted that his eight-year-old son nikhil is able to write his name ,thanks to Apni Pathsala initiative of Divi welfare society 


Apni Pathsala student Parents

There was a time when my family and we did not have any employment and my family could not educate me But suddenly one day Divi welfare society founder and his team came and meet my family and also they provide employment and education to me.


student of Apni Pathsala

Apni Pathsala Student

Apni Pathsala In News

Apni Pathsala Children Activity