Beera Bhadra SIngh
Founder & CEO
Beera Bhadra Singh is an Indian Social entrepreneur. When he was a student then he faced many challenges like access to education, food, shelter etc. He always wanted to help other poor children such that they will become self sufficient. And he knows that it can be achieved only through education because he always believed in one of the quote that “Without education, a man is like an animal. You can fill someone’s stomach by giving food but for how much time because after some time he will again feel hungry. But education is that weapon which will make him worthy to become a self sufficient man”. And this dream started to take shape in the form of DIVI WELFARE SOCIETY which is a non-governmental organization. His five friends (Vineet, Dhirendra, Shubham, Rashmi and Rituraj) organized with him like a fist and got their family registered in 2018 as DIVI WELFARE SOCIETY and from there the journey to “be the change” started.