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 "Together, we strive to uplift communities in need, enhancing their quality of life"

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Volunteering With Divi

Divi Welfare Society Works With Volunteers Primarilly Through The Divi Volunteers Programme (DVP) If you have 

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Our volunteer are our power. Volunteering at Divi to upliftment of poor children in India. Great opportunity came together to serve people.
Beer Bhadra singh

Why  Volunteer with Divi ? 

Volunteering is such a simple, yet rewarding , way to support a cause you care about. While there are a million reasons why you should volunteer with DIVI.

  • Your work, whether on the field or behind the scenes, will help us make India a better place for our children.
  • Your volunteering experience will help you develop invaluable professional skills and build your leadership capabilities.
  • No matter who you are or what you do, we have a wide range of volunteering options for you.

how to volunteer ?

If  you want to start volunteering , first find a cause you are passionate about, then an organisation that’s a good fit for you , and their opportunities and start your volunteering journey !

Child Education Program

Community Volunteering

Media Volunteering

Do you have a background in videography or photography and an interest in coming to our campus? Divi Welfare Society is looking for an experienced individual to to serve as a media volunteer, helping to gather content for our website and social media platforms. Click below to find out more about the Media Volunteer position.


Anuradha Gupta

Student of (M.E.D)
Why I Joined the Divi Welfare Society because the work it does for the development of rural areas is praiseworthy.

Arpita Singh

Student of M.B.A
“Humbled, happy Feel proud – that’s how I feel as a DIVI volunteer. It’s a place that pushes me to be the light for underprivileged children and helps me shine brighter as an individual.”

Anu Yadav

Student of M.B.A
Working with Divi as a volunteer has been one of the best learning experiences of my life. It taught me how we can find happiness in small things and how important it is to be connected to your community. Divi has helped me both in personal and professional development.

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